Now is the time to start thinking of cleaning up the leaves, planting those beautiful spring bulbs and cleaning the shrub beds up for next year! The work you put in during the fall will yield better results when spring arrives.

Stihl's  Back Pack Blower BR700

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Little Wonder 9hp Walk Behind Leaf Blower

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Plant bulbs now for beautiful spring flowers!

Daffodils, crocus, iris, tulips (yes they have some deer resistant varieties) and many more! All three of our locations have a great selection of Netherland Bulbs.

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Did you know:

Benefits of fall fertilizer


When developing a fertilizer program for your lawn, it is helpful to understand a few basic principles of turf growth and development.


Unlike what most believe, the turf does not consume fertilizer as its main food source. Rather it utilizes fertilizer as an energy source to produce carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are required by the turf to survive. Carbohydrates are produced in the green leaf and stored in the root system to be utilized as needed. The turf produces and stores most of its carbohydrate reserves in the fall to be utilized in the fall and also the following spring and summer.


During the spring and also during the summer months, the grass will push top growth utilizing carbohydrate reserves stored in the roots the previous fall. Over fertilization at these times of the year will cause a depletion of carbohydrate reserves and ultimately a weak and unhealthy plant. This situation allows the turf to be more susceptible to damage caused by insect and fungus infestations

For this reason 2/3 of the fertilizer applied in a given year should be applied in the fall to provide a steady sours of energy for carbohydrate production up until the ground freezes.


It could be said that you build a thick healthy lawn in the fall and maintain it thru the spring and summer.


Given these principles, fertilizer should be applied to your lawn around Labor Day and again in November after all top growth has ceased. It should be understood that the State of New Jersey does not allow home owners to apply lawn fertilizer after November 15th.