October & Early November

Now is the time to start thinking of cleaning up the leaves, planting those beautiful spring bulbs and cleaning the shrub beds up for next year! The work you put in during the fall will yield better results when spring arrives.


Stihl's Back Pack Blower BR800 or BR800x

Stihls most powerful blowers, smooth starting, works great with wet leaves too!

starting at $599.99 

Not the model you are looking for? Visit their web site at www.stihlusa.com for all their models and features or stop in the one of our locations to look feel and touch

All three locations stock backpack, hand held and battery operated leaf blowers for all your needs




Little Wonder Walk Behind Leaf Blowers

If you are tired of the raking, hand held or back pack blower, stop by our Chester location and try out a Little Wonder Walk Behind Blower.


Stop by our Chester location to see all the Little Wonder leaf blowers and the great prices going on !

Plant bulbs now for beautiful spring flowers!

Daffodils, crocus, iris, tulips (yes they have some deer resistant varieties) and many more! All three of our locations have a great selection of Netherland Bulbs.

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Tip of the month 

By the old guy with a pony tail (Annandale location):

As your garden harvest comes to an end, fall is a prime time to build your soil for next year. Crops grown this season have used nutrients provided by the soil. A soil test done at this time of year can provide valuable information on the nutrient value of your soil and provide recommendations to replace lost nutrients and improve crop production next year. Rototill in nutrients recommended by your soil test. This is also the time to till in cow manure or other organic soil conditioners.
Overseed with cover crop rye to help improve soil. As it grows, cover crop rye will mine out leftover nitrogen in the soil and store it for next year. In the process cover crop rye helps to control erosion and minimize nitrate nitrogen leaching. This protects water quality. The dense root system adds valuable organic matter to the soil. When the rye is tilled in in the spring it will aid in nutrient recycling.