Tip of the month (Fact or Folklore)

By the old guy with the pony tail at Mendham Garden Center (Annandale location)


The old farmers would say “Frost seed your pasture with the new moon in February”.  The same can be said of your lawn. 


 Planting with the moon phases may not be a myth. The earth’s gravitational pull is strongest during the new and full moons. Not only does gravitational pull affect the ocean tides but also affects soil moisture; drawing moisture to the earth’s surface making more moisture available to new seed.


Whether turf damage is caused by pets running in and out the back door or just normal wear, many of us are experiencing lawn damage this year. By applying seed in February, the natural freezing, cracking and thawing of the soil helps to draw seed down into the soil where it needs to be in order to germinate when temperatures rise in the spring.


Perennial ryegrass seed is recommended since it germinates at lower spring temperatures than other lawn grasses and establishes quickly in the spring 


Frost seeding works best on bare soil and is only suggested as an option when conditions warrant.