The sizzling days of summer have hit.....

Mendham  Specials-

-Mosquito Eradicator:Eradicate your mosquito population for up to 90 days'100% American made eco-friendlyJust add warm water and shake

-Centurion Collaspable BucketsBucket :Made of heavy duty flexible silicone can easily be collapsed for storage,Plastic base and rim makes bucket extra sturdy, bucket will not collapse when in use,Easy pour rim,Swing handle, easy to carry,Perfect for gardening, camping, harvesting, cleaning, boating and more

-Spectracide Wasp & Hornet Spray  reg. $6.69  Now $4.99

-Swan Color Hoses - 5/8 x50'   reg. $28.99       Now  $21.99

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Chester location

Weekly Specials on beautiful blooming Perennials stop in and see the latest color in town!

-Spectracide Wasp & Hornet Spray  reg. $6.69  Now $4.99

-Swan Color Hoses - 5/8 x50'   reg. $28.99       Now  $21.99


-50% off Roses

-Buy on Get one Free on Select Annuals and Vegetables

-Spectracide Hornet and Wasp Spray reg $6.69  Now $4.99swan

-Colorful Outdoor Hoses 50ft   reg  $28.99 Now  $21.99 Beautiful Potted 


Don't forget now is the time to start your "cole crop" seeds.........seed starting supplies are back in stock
or if you prefer the plants will be in the week of Aug 10
What is a "cole crop" it is a vegetable plant the prefers the cooler days of early fall, rather than the hot days of summer
brocolli, cauliflower, cabbages, collards, lettuce's , etc................