Propane Refill – Chester, NJ

propane refill - chester nj

Out of propane? We've got you covered!

Our Chester facility is a propane filling station. They are open and refill propane tanks in New Jersey seven days a week. They fill little tanks as well as tanks up to 100 lbs. at our fill-while-you-wait station. If you are in a rush, no worries! Just drop off, pay for your order and pick it up later.

New Tanks & Propane Refills in NJ

If you're in the market for a new gas grill, like one of our premium Weber Grills, we also sell new propane tanks. Our locations usually have the small disposable tanks on hand as well.

Our Mendham location is an exchange station, so you can bring your tank to them and they will have a full one for you to take home and continue your barbeque. They are also there seven days a week. As of right now our Annandale location does not have exchange or a filling station.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does cold weather affect propane?

Cold weather can affect propane and propane appliances, but problems generally only occur in areas that experience extremely cold, sub-zero temperatures. A propane tank must be kept in an area with a temperature of -44 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in order for it to function properly.

How much propane do I need to heat my home?

If you use or are planning to use a propane furnace to heat your home this winter, you might be wondering how many gallons you will need. According to Kemgas, the average family uses about 800 gallons a year to heat their home. At Mendham Garden Center in Chester, NJ, we provide propane refills for tanks up to 100 pounds.