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Imagine you’re walking through the woods on a hot day and you find a cool, deep lagoon.

It’s a peaceful place, a sanctuary from the modern world, untouched by all the things that make our daily lives so hectic and stressful.

Unfortunately, we don’t all live in places where we can escape modern life. Sometimes we have to build our own escapes.

That’s what makes having a backyard pond so special. Sure, they can be a lot of work, but they can also be very rewarding. You can relax, feed the fish, and let the trickle of the water calm your frazzled nerves.

Pond Accessories in NJ

Mendham Garden Center is happy to help you create and maintain this peaceful environment in your home with our various pond accessories.

We carry pumps and filters from two main manufacturers: Pond Master and Laguna. We sell pumps that will work on small fountains as well as pumps that can help run larger ponds.

If you’re dealing with an algae outbreak in your pond, Mendham Garden Center stocks products such as Algaefix, PondClear, and barley straw, which does not kill algae but does prevent new outbreaks of algae from forming on your water.

Do you need to feed your fish? We carry Tetra fish food, along with the large vacation feeding blocks, so that you can go away during the summer and not to have to worry about whether your underwater friends are fed.

If you don’t have a pond, we can help you get one started. Our stores carry the rubber line and underlayment that will form the pond’s foundation.

Stop in today to get your pond going, or to get answers about whatever questions you have about your backyard oasis.  

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How can I Prevent Algae Growth?

If you have fish in your pond, it’s important to keep the water algae-free. Focus on keeping the surface of the pond clean by removing floating weeds. Algae can be prevented by adding rainwater to the surface of your pond. Visit our garden centers to pick up algae-preventive pond accessories such as pond clear and barley straw.

How often should I feed my fish?

Tetra recommends feeding your fish 1-3 times a day during warmer months when the water temperature is above 39 degrees Fahrenheit. Swing by one of our garden centers to buy fish food, fish, vacation feeding blocks and other pond accessories.

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