Mulch - Chester, Annandale & Mendham

Because Mendham Garden Center is based in central New Jersey, we have access to a wide variety of mulches, whether it’s pine bark mulch from the American south or cedar mulch from Canada.

This includes:

  • Cedar, whether it’s plain, red-dyed, brown-dyed, or black-dyed.
  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Cocoa Shells
  • Hardwood
  • Bulk hardwood products including Nutri-Peat 100 percent organic mulch, Hardwood and Dyed-Black; Delivery available from our Annandale location.

Mulch in New Jersey

Mulching can be a lot of work, but smart gardeners know that it’s work that pays off in the long run. True, it takes time at first, but it saves you on weeding and watering later on, helps protect your plants.

Here are a few ways mulching can help your property:

  1. Mulch provides a barrier against evaporation, which keeps moisture in the soil. You should lay down between 3 and 4 inches of mulch for optimum moisture retention.
  2. Mulch protects your plants in the winter. When temperatures warm up again, remove old mulch to allow new plants to breathe.
  3. Mulching protects your soil from weeds by limiting their growth and preventing new weed seedlings from reaching your soil.
  4. Mulching can help enrich your soil. Organic mulches break down over time and become a compost-like substance that enhance the organic matter content of the soil.

Mulches come in two forms: bagged or bulk. Bagged mulch usually comes in three cubic foot bags. A cubic yard of mulch contains 27 cubic feet, which means it will take nine bags of mulch to make a cubic yard. A cubic yard will cover 108 square feet – about 10 feet by 10 feet – at a depth of three inches.

We sell bulk mulch by the cubic yard. To help you visualize, remember that a standard size pick-up truck holds two cubic yards. 

For more on cedar, pine bark, cocoa and hardwood mulch, please visit our garden centers located in Mendham, Chester and Annandale, or contact us with questions.

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Bagged Products that we Carry
  • Cedar – Plain, Red dyed, Brown dyed, and Black dyed
  • Pine Bark Mulch
  • Cocoa Shells
  • Hardwood


Bulk Hardwood Products

Delivery Available from Annandale Location

  • Nutri-Peat (100% Organic Mulch)
  • Hardwood
  • Dyed Black


Download Our Mulch Guide:

Poor quality mulch can develop Artillery or Shotgun spore fungus that can negatively impact your house or any cars parked near your beds by spraying spores from their chimney spouts. We mitigate this scenario using quality mulch. Learn more in our free downloadable guide. 

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