Lawn Care: Fertilizers & Pest Control

Fertilizer & Pest Control New Jersey

Think about your lawn for a minute. If you’re reading this at home, get up and look outside. What do you see? A challenge? A chore? You’re not alone.

Most people look at their lawn and feel a little overwhelmed by the notion of caring for such a large area. Your lawn needs to be watered. It needs to be mowed. There’s fertilizer to consider, as well as weeds and pests. Mendham Garden Center wants to help you clear these hurdles. That’s why we offer a wide selection of quality fertilizers, such as:

  • 27-0-6
  • 10-18-10
  • 10-10-10
  • 5-10-5
  • 46-0-0

Mendham Garden Center is also your Central New Jersey source for a number of great blends of grass seeds, including: Hunterdon blend, shady, sunny, tall fescues and ryes.

Our expert staff is ready to help you pick out the correct lime, fertilizer, grass seed and – if you need it – insect & pest control for every season.

We can also send your soil samples out to be tested – for a nominal fee -- to let you know what your soil may be lacking. If you’re having trouble with your shrub beds or with your trees, we have a large selection of chemicals – both organic and non-organic – to help take care of your shrub problems. Bring in a sample or snap a photo and we will try to help you identify the problem and uncover a solution to begin treating it. 

We carry a number of lawn weed killers in both the liquid and granular varieties, as well as organic fertilizers and insect controls.

Lawn Care Products in Mendham, Chester, Annandale NJ:


Merit is what’s known as a “systemic” pesticide, meaning that plants will absorb it, protecting them from pests such a white grubs,  Japanese beetles, and molecrickets.


Sevin is a white crystalline pesticide that’s one of the most commonly used brands of insecticide in the country. Its active ingredient, carbaryl, is used to control moths, beetles, cockroaches, ants, ticks and mosquitoes. 

Milky Spore

This is considered one of the best pest control solutions for organic lawn care. Milky spore is a natural bacteria that kills Japanese beetle grubs. When a grub dies and breaks down, it releases billions of new spores into the soil, infecting and killing other grubs.