Split Rail Fencing

Mendham Garden Split Rail Fencing

Fence Posts & Split Rail Fencing

For many years now, we have been a key supplier of West Virginia split rail fencing in and around our three New Jersey locations in Mendham, Annandale, & Chester.

Whether it’s for the yard or pool area landscape or by the truck load to your farm we can help. Our split rail fence is made from Hard Locust post and pine rails. Locust posts in the ground will give you around a 20-year life cycle. There is no need to pay more for pressure treated wood. We have found that when using pine rails over hardwood there is a lot less warping of the rail.

Canadian cedar post and rail is another type of wood fence that makes a more formal post and rail fence appearance. Cedar will naturally preserve its self by cracking open somewhat so that it dries out on the inside. We have a supplier that will ship any size order so the material always looks fresh. This supplier also offers us a wide section of other types of wood fence.

So why not stop in and talk to us about your fencing needs. We have a long-time relationship with a fence installer that has had many years of fence-installing experience. Just ask us when you stop by, or feel free to contact us with your specific questions!