Animal Feed

feed for livestock New Jersey

Feed for Livestock

If it’s chickens, sheep, goats, cows, llamas, horses, or any other livestock, come on down and let us be your source for feed. We carry Nutrena brand animal feeds (including  Nature's Best Organic). We are not only your full service feed center: we also have stock tanks, gate panels, farm fence, t-posts. We carry feed hay, straw, shavings and wood pellet bedding to keep your animals fed and sheltered all year long.

Animal Feed & Supplies

In our feed department we have a small selection of pet needs including rabbit feed in 50lb bags. We also sell assorted plastic and metal waters and feeders. We have mineral and salt licks, alfalfa and oats. Visit us in the spring season to purchase chicks, small chicken coops and poultry wire to create your pens. We have food grade diatomaceous earth, sweet PDZ refresher for stalls and hydrated lime in large bags.   Our Annandale location stocks America's Choice Mini Flake Bedding.