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Watering vegetables and herbs in raised bed

Summer in the Garden: 9 Favorites to Plant in July/August

July and August are better known for harvesting than planting. Carrots, celery, garlic, onions, potatoes, beans, corn, cucumbers, and eggplant are just a few of the many warm and cool weather crops that can be harvested around this time. But summer can be for planting, too!

No matter whether you grow vegetables or flowers in your garden, July and August offer plenty of opportunity.

Heat-loving vegetables tend to be robust, hardy, and easy to care for. Throughout the hotter part of the year, there are fewer plants that need to be started under grow lights to flourish. In fact, there’s something for just about every taste when it comes to sowing seeds outside in summer.

Let’s take a closer look at some summertime favorites:

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Seed Starters

Seed Starting Tips from your Local NJ Garden Center

When the possibilities of a freeze last into late-April, which kills young seedlings, it is better to start seeds indoors (or in a greenhouse), so they’re more mature when transplanted after the last frost.

Visit a Mendham Garden Center in New Jersey to Begin Seed Starts

If you are new to the homegrown vegetable scene, we welcome you. Your household will derive great joy watching seeds sprout, grow, transplant, and then flourish – yielding delicious vegetables through the late summer and fall. The following are some pro tips to get you started. Continue Reading Seed Starting Tips from your Local NJ Garden Center

Back to School: 5 of the Best Gardening Books

best gardening books

Fall is here and school is back in session. By now you’ve probably gotten your kids acclimated to their regular academic routine, but what about your own education?

Specifically, your gardening education. You could always read the other entries in our Gardening Guide, where we use the collective knowledge from our garden center to discuss everything from lawns, to landscaping, to birdfeeders, but you might want something a little more in-depth.

There are a wealth of great gardening books out there, enough to fill a lot more than just one blog post. Here are a few of the best:

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How to Protect Your Garden from Insects

insect spray New Jersey

You love the plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables growing in your garden.

So do bugs.

And while some insect varieties can be beneficial to your backyard plant life, a lot of them can cause some serious damage.

Before you reach for the inspect spray, New Jersey gardeners, consider these pest control tips for keeping bugs away from your plants.

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How to Maintain a Vegetable Garden

garden fertilizer New Jersey

You don’t become healthy by accident. It takes work: eating right, exercising, getting enough sleep, etc.

Your vegetable garden is the same way. It can only remain healthy through proper maintenance. Before heading out to buy plants, seeds or garden fertilizer, New Jersey gardeners might want to read up on a few ways to maintain a healthy vegetable garden.

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Your Guide to Container Gardening in NJ

Container gardening NJIt’s an appealing notion, growing your own food. But what if you don’t have the space to grow a flower or vegetable garden?

That’s where container gardens come in. They’re perfect for people who don’t have the room – or the time – to plant a larger garden. They also make perfect gifts for friends and family.

There are a number of types of containers to choose from, including clay, wood, plastic, concrete and ceramic. When picking your container, consider the following:

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5 Quick Tips To Prepare Your NJ Garden For Spring

garden supply store and garden center tipsIt’s that time of year again, time to visit your garden supply store and get everything you need to prepare your garden for spring. Preparing now will save you time and frustration when all you want to do is spend time planting and tending to your nursery. Here’s what you need to do to prep your NJ garden for spring:

1. Clean your garden

Reorganizing your kitchen cabinets should not be the only thing on your spring cleaning to-do list. When was the last time you did a sweep of your nursery? Get rid of any plant debris. Be on the lookout for hibernating bugs—they like to hide out by the crowns of your perennial plants. Clean all of your gardening tools. See which ones need to be replaced and stop by your garden supply store for new ones.

Also, wash any pots you have in your garden, and make sure you get in all of the crevices. Pests and disease can remain in these small spaces and kill young plants. Check your landscape supply store for products that can help you clean every corner of your NJ garden. Continue Reading 5 Quick Tips To Prepare Your NJ Garden For Spring