Welcome to the All-New Mendham Garden Centers’ Website!

GardenMendham Garden Center has been proud to serve Central Jersey garden enthusiasts since 1960, and our “youngest” store, in Annandale between Clinton and Flemington, is celebrating its 25th year helping customers with their home and garden needs.

The new website is designed to help consumers before they even walk through the door. Our experienced staff works with customers to figure out which perennials make sense for their garden, or what steps they need to take to make sure their lawn is ready for the winter. However, we know that many people may be pinched for time, so we have brought many of these same resources online for your needs.

Product Listings

While we carry a number of products from bird feed and hardscaping materials to split rail fencing for area farms, keep in mind that our inventory at each of our three Central Jersey garden center locations offers a number of options for your needs. In general, however, you can find the following products:

1) Plants, Flowers and Organics – Many homeowners are now focusing on organic products, and of course that goes beyond the numerous plants, bushes and trees we offer. So if you are considering blooming shrubs or ornamental trees, as well as berries, you can find it at Mendham Garden Center. However, we also proudly offer all-natural fertilizers, food and even weed prevention products for those concerned by potentially harmful chemicals in areas used by family and pets.

2) Deer Control – Some studies show that in Hunterdon County, for example, there are actually more deer roaming around than there are people. In the fall, particularly, deer control products are a critical part of a lawn-care plan because they are looking to store up on calories before they begin to hibernate.

Mulch3) Mulch, Pest Control and Fertilizers – Customers like you who want to improve the look of their lawn should know that it needs feeding early on in the cycle with fertilizers. Pest control and mulch products help to protect your grounds, from bushes to flowers from the elements as well as the insects that fill the skies in the spring and summer.

4) Landscaping and Grill/Patio Products – It’s not just plants that help make your lawn and yard look its best. Mendham Garden Center offers pavers, retaining wall materials and other products that can help make your walkways and patios looking their best. Other products we offer include Weber grills and produce plants like spices and fruit that can be easily picked for a quick snack outside.

5) Feed for Farm Animals – We recognize that in addition to the existing farms, many property owners here are starting to raise some livestock on their own. Feed products are available for part-time and full-time farmers so that you can pick it up at the same time you get anything you need for your lawn and garden needs.

Quick Fall Tip: As the Leaves Turn, Lawn Dangers Arrive

Many folks in Central Jersey take the time to go on fall foliage tours in the area. The golden, red and burnt sienna hues offering a stark contrast to the lush scenery just a few weeks prior. Unfortunately, the aftermath of the leaves changing their color can wreak havoc on lawns without some preparation before the winter.

With the advent of leaf blowers and tractor accessories that accelerate the pickup process, there are few excuses to not make sure that the leaves are not holding in water or matting down your lawn. If you cannot do it immediately, make sure to do it before any storms, or if frost is followed by a very warm day. If you want to make sure your equipment is ready, feel free to bring in any lawn care equipment for service. We also offer a full line of Stihl power equipment and Toro mowers and snow blowers if you are looking to upgrade from your current lawn care tools.

Visit Us to Learn More

Do you still have more questions or want to consult with one of our experienced staff members? We invite you to come by any one of our three locations in Mendham on Route 24, Chester on Route 206 or in Annandale on Route 31. Contact us to make sure that you are ready for winter and get some help with ideas for your next project to get ready for spring.