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Oh Christmas Tree: The Story of a Holiday Tradition

Christmas Tree History

It’s November, and even though we haven’t sat down to our Thanksgiving dinners, it’s hard to miss the other, much bigger holiday waiting in the wings.


Pretty soon nearly every TV screen, store display, and front porch will be filled with yuletide trappings, and that includes our stores, where we’ll be selling an array of natural Christmas trees.

And that got us thinking about this tradition. Why do we cut down evergreen trees and put them in our homes? We decided to do some research and learned about the history of the Christmas tree. Continue Reading Oh Christmas Tree: The Story of a Holiday Tradition

Year-Long Care for Fruit Trees

Apple Tree at our Nursery in NJ

It’s a nice image: You want some fresh fruit with your breakfast, so you step out into your backyard, stand under a tree, and pick a few peaches.

That’s the dream, anyway. The reality is that fruit trees, like anything you grow, require a lot of care. Here’s a few tips on how to manage that so you can enjoy the taste of fresh-grown fruit without visiting a grocery store.

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Your Guide to Winter Bird Feeding

New Jersey bird seedNot all birds fly south for the winter. The ones that stay up north face a tough few months once the weather gets colder. Most of their natural food supply has been exhausted, and insects have died or gone into hibernation.

As we’ve said before, birds are beneficial animals, helping pollinate our flowers and feeding on potentially harmful insects. And backyard birds rely on us to help them get through the winter. You see a birdfeeder in your yard, they see a port in a storm.

With that in mind, here are a few types of birdseed New Jersey birds will enjoy feasting on this winter.

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A Guide to Choosing Christmas Trees in New Jersey

Christmas trees in New Jersey

Christmas is coming, and this year, you’re doing something different.

You’re leaving your artificial tree tucked away in the attic, and heading out to buy the real thing. Before you do that, you may want to read our guide.

We know what you’re saying: Why do I need a guide? Aren’t all Christmas trees basically the same?

Not quite. Keep reading to see what separates the different branches of this family tree.

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Checking the Health of Stored Plant Bulbs

Anybody with a green thumb can tell you the many great reasons for storing plant bulbs PlantBulbsbetween seasons. This is especially important for dahlias and gladiolas.

If you dig up your bulbs, rather than leaving them in the earth for the winter months, it’s essential to check the health of stored bulbs to avoid moisture, mold, mildew and other threats. Time spent inspecting your stored plant bulbs can save you hours of frustration later. Use these tips from our NJ garden center to help you root out rotting bulbs.

Leave them unchecked, and you risk starting the spring planting season with nothing but bad bulbs, as infection on one bulb can quickly spread to others.

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Preparing Your Backyard Pond for Winter

The holidays are approaching, and you’re probably making a lot of lists. Who’s invited to garden centers NJThanksgiving or Christmas dinner? What do I need to do to decorate? Have I gotten all the gifts I need to buy?

If you have a backyard pond, there’s another list you need to concern yourself with: What do I need to do to get my backyard pond ready for winter?

We say this not to add more stress to your life but to make things easier. Here are a few steps to take to prepare your pond for winter.

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Which Bird Seed Will Bring Birds to Your Yard?

winter birdfeedersWinter is coming, but not every local bird will be flying south. If you want to spot birds in your yard this winter, consider putting out a few bird feeders. The wider variety of bird seed you put in those feeders, the greater diversity of birds you’ll attract.

Here’s a look at some of the more common types of bird seed in NJ, and the birds that eat them, courtesy of the The Cornell Lab of Ornithology and other sources.

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