Deer Control Products in New Jeresey

Deer Control Products in New Jersey

Deer are beautiful, graceful animals, and among the last visitors you want in your garden. They’ll trample through your bushes and turn your flower beds and vegetable crops into their personal salad bar.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to keep deer away, and Mendham Garden Center can help.

Our deer control products in New Jersey come ready-to-use, or in concentrate versions that you can purchase and mix yourself. Most of these controls will last through a light rain. Remember that in springtime, when new growth is constant, you’ll need to spray more often.

If you need a more permanent solution to keep deer away, Mendham Garden Center carries welded wire, vinyl coated wire and metal posts. We also carry a light weight netting that you can drape over your plants, as well as a heavier netting that can be used as a permanent fence. We also carry supplies to wrap around young saplings to keep deer from rubbing against them in the fall. 

We carry a number of deer control products in New Jersey:


A natural, topical foliar spray designed to keep deer away and prevent them from damaging plants, shrubs and trees. It’s safe for use on even the most sensitive plants, and harmless to wildlife, pets, and people.

Deer Stopper

An organic liquid deer repellent designed to protect flowers and shrubs, and to prevent trees from browsing and rubbing damage.

Liquid Fence

This product works on scent. Deer and other animals need only to smell it to be repelled. It’s rain resistant, works year round and harmless to plants and animals.

Deer Out

A long-lasting natural deer repellant, Deer Out has a pleasant peppermint smell, and is designed to keep deer from your flowers, fruit and vegetable plants and trees. Its 100 percent natural ingredients mean it’s safe around your children and pets.