Your Guide to Winter Bird Feeding

New Jersey bird seedNot all birds fly south for the winter. The ones that stay up north face a tough few months once the weather gets colder. Most of their natural food supply has been exhausted, and insects have died or gone into hibernation.

As we’ve said before, birds are beneficial animals, helping pollinate our flowers and feeding on potentially harmful insects. And backyard birds rely on us to help them get through the winter. You see a birdfeeder in your yard, they see a port in a storm.

With that in mind, here are a few types of birdseed New Jersey birds will enjoy feasting on this winter.

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A Guide to Choosing Christmas Trees in New Jersey

Christmas trees in New Jersey

Christmas is coming, and this year, you’re doing something different.

You’re leaving your artificial tree tucked away in the attic, and heading out to buy the real thing. Before you do that, you may want to read our guide.

We know what you’re saying: Why do I need a guide? Aren’t all Christmas trees basically the same?

Not quite. Keep reading to see what separates the different branches of this family tree.

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Winterizing Your Garden and Flower Beds

fall garden supplies in NJNow that there is a chill in the air our minds are focused on fall: cool weather, falling leaves and a chance to prepare our gardens for winter.

Fall is the time to prepare your beds for the coming seasons through careful maintenance, from leaf and weed removal to final applications of mulch. Here are some tips from the gardening experts at our garden supply store in NJ to help you along.

1. When will the frost arrive?

Winter means different things in different parts of the country. The USDA maintains an online map of the country’s “plant hardiness zone. It lets gardeners see which plants are most likely to thrive based on their region’s annual average minimum temperature. It’s also a good idea to consult your local agricultural extension office to find out when the season’s first and last frosts are expected.

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Autumn Gardening: Fall is for Planting

fall perennials

Rudbeckia hirta (Black-Eyed Susan)

When you have a garden, autumn can be about more than just growing mums.

We believe fall is for planting, and as summer ends, it’s time to get your fall flowers into the soil.

Let’s take a look at what you might want to plant for this fall.

First, you should have a strategy. When your summer flowers start to fade, rejuvenate the borders of your garden with some late season blooms. Perennials that you plant in the fall will develop strong roots in cooler/wetter months and will take off when spring comes again.

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Transitioning Your Summer Garden to Autumn

fall garden center in NJWe’re writing this in August, but our minds are focused on fall.

It’s not that we don’t want you to enjoy the rest of your summer. It’s just that Mendham Garden Center – like all good garden centers in NJ – wants its customers to be prepared for changes in the seasons.

That’s why we’ve put together this guide for transitioning your summer garden to autumn. Follow these tips to get your yard ready for when September comes.

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MGC Victory Garden featured in Garden Center Magazine

garden center magazine cover

Image courtesy of

Mendham Garden Center was recently featured in Garden Center magazine for our Chester location’s Victory Garden! Visit their website and read the full article to learn how our New Jersey garden center is helping to foster growth and build connections through community gardening.

Visit our Chester location to see the Victory Garden, and to see our full selection of plants, tools and equipment for your lawn and garden.

Properly Maintaining a Weber Grill in New Jersey

Weber Grills New JerseyMemorial Day weekend. Graduations and Father’s Day. The Fourth of July.

Summer gives us a lot of chances to break out your Weber Grill in New Jersey, and a lot chances for our grills to get dirty. Even when there isn’t a holiday on the calendar, warm weather and outdoor cooking go hand-in-hand.

Before you plan your next BBQ, read our tips for properly maintaining your grill.

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100 Years of Japanese Beetles in New Jersey

Japanese Beetles in New Jersey

Here’s an anniversary that’s not exactly worth celebrating: 2016 marks 100 years since the Japanese beetle was first discovered in America.

From the Reading Eagle newspaper, July 22, 1923:

“Seven years ago, concealed in imported azalea roots, an unsuspected grub entered this country from Japan. The destination of the roots was Burlington County, New Jersey. They got there and the grub came with them. It burrowed in the ground and hatched the Japanese beetle that already has done much damage and threatens to do much more.”

A century later, the Japanese beetle is still a major gardening headache. As the newspaper account put it, “whatever green thing that comes in its way is grist for its insatiable devouring mill.”

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Pollinators: Birds, Bees and Beneficial Insects

butterfly & bee pollenators in New Jersey gardenIt’s time for a lesson about the birds and the bees.

No, we’re not talking about seventh grade health class. This lesson is in the birds, bees and other beneficial insects that flock to your garden in New Jersey every year.

And since National Pollinator Week is coming up – June 20-26 – we thought we’d talk about why some of the creatures in your garden are important.

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Mendham Garden Center Featured on

Our Chester location was recently featured in the Sunday Best section of Read the article below to learn more about how our garden center team encouraged Chester residents to grow a victory garden in their local area, with the assistance of the kids at Dickerson Elementary School. Download the article here, or click below:

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